My name is JIm Butler and I'm the Founder of Green Window & Door Inc. I've lived in the Stratford-St. Marys Area for 14 years. My passion for WINDOWS was lit in 2013 and it dovetails with an enthusiasm for building Green & Healthy Homes since 1993.


I hope and expect Green Window & Door will become a force for change in the window industry. The days of the Tin Man slam-dunking sales should be a thing of the past. We have the internet to Compare. We have the internet to Complain. 
But Beware of Bogus Reviews Today - they are rampant and one hopes the courts will right this systemic fraud before long.

Ultimately, your satisfaction is my responsibility. 
And I'm doing everything in my power to increase Choices, Improve Quality and Provide Better Service.

It's another great day for Windows (& Doors)!

Jim Butler - President


TRIPLE glazed, Low-E ARGON GAS Always. Choice of all TRADITIONAL window styles OR Euro-style Tilt & Turn ... GREEN TNT windows

Any window style you want but we recommend our GREEN TNT  Euro-style Tilt & Turn outperforms other windows by a wide margin In Europe, as in much of the world, advanced German-designed  Tilt & Turn Windows are the Gold Standard 93% of our customers agree! Made-in-Ontario, CANADA

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My name is Jim Butler, Founder of Green Window & Door Inc. We've been living in the Stratford & St. Marys Area for some 15 years. My passion for WINDOWS began in 2013 and connects to my environmental testing company from 1993 with an enthusiasm for Green & Healthy Homes.

People think ‘Windows are Windows’ but product, install, companies and people are vastly different. The 1960s-style ‘Tin Man’ sales technique survives and thrives. Today, you have the internet to help you Compare Apples-to-Apples and then to Review your experience. Green Window customers sell my windows for me. In their homes, even. I hope one day Green Window & Door will overturn the window industry with Green & Healthy Windows.

Ultimately, your satisfaction is my responsibility.

You call me for Service not a Customer Service Voicemail Box. Better Choices, Better Quality, Better Install and Provide Better Service.

(And yes, I know, pandemic pic - we’re looking for another picture)

It's another great day for Windows (& Doors)!

James Butler - President/CEO


Heritage Is A Specialty

WINDOWS Are the Eyes of any Heritage Home and you can trust Green Window to make them Sparkle just like they did in the 1800s


Jenny van den Haven

Jim was a pleasure to work with. We had two requirements when he came to us: German n style opening and maintain the architectural integrity of the home. We know the front dates around 1898, with the middle having been added on probably within 20 years. The windows that were removed were for the most part the originals, warps in the glass and wooden frames.

Jim worked really hard to achieve the desired results. We decided to go to the brick with the new windows to give us the best possible seal, increasing the R-value dramatically. We definitely noticing and enjoying the greater R-value.

The installation crew was fantastic. They took immense care to protect furniture and floors, placing moving tarps and plastic over furniture and floors, as well as cleaning up after themselves as they went. They were always on time and worked effectively and efficiently together. We absolutely recommend the windows, Jim and the installation crew.


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