European Style Tilt & Turn Windows (TNT)


In Europe, as in much of the world, this advanced German-designed

Tilt & Turn Window is the gold standard. And for very good reason.


Ventilation – The wide open TURN function allows for the Most Air,

                   to be introduced into a room most quickly and easily.


                   The TILT function (opening 5-6 inches top) allows the

                   Most Efficient Air Exchange for ongoing operation.


                   Note: While in TILT mode, no Rain gets in to damage

                   interior walls or floors etc. No intruders get in either.

                   While in TILT mode, there’s no Unwanted Drafts.

                   While in TILT mode, still Reduces Exterior Noise.


Functionality – Easy one-hand operation, no strength required,

                   no extra latches or cranking. Quick & Easy every time.


Cleaning     No reaching, stretching or ladders. Windows open IN

                  For Fast and Easy Cleaning.


Security      Simultaneous Multi-lock (6-8), more secure design.

                   Again, Secure while in the most common TILT mode.


Kid & Pets   TILT Mode Safer for Kids & Pets.


Dead Bugs & Flies  Exterior Screen means no bug/insect collections


Adjustability After Earthquakes or House-Shifting, unlike other windows, 

                     TNT is adjustable in 5, 10 or 25 yrs.. Always a perfect fit.


Performance – Reduce Energy Costs


                     Dual Gasket Compression Seal & TNT Hardware makes for a

                     Better Fit Against the Elements.


                     Sound Mitigation

                     Better Insulation means better Sound Control.


TNT Windows have a stronger frame, load capacity and wind resistance than North America windows. So we can made a larger Width and Height.

This also makes for a Larger Unobstructed View.


          No matter how you measure it, TNT Windows offer you more.


Here's a video of one TNT Window 

(Pardon, it's not mine and it's way lame but ...)


Check out this 12 yr Old

   Master Burglar 


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