We Believe

Windows are Windows Right? 
That's what Builders & Buyers & even Sellers think.


In Europe, they're serious about Windows. It's why they demand more.

Yet, here in Canada, we settle for less.


Our approach is European in TWO ways;


First, it's the Glass.

Glass is a terrible insulator. Windows are called the 'Energy Sinkholes' 

of any home's exterior envelope. Architects in Canada think

the solutions is simple - Smaller Windows. We Disagree.


At Green Window & Door, we deliver the greenest windows in Canada.

The exclusive use of  Triple Glaze w Argon Gas. And we do everything in

our power NOT To sell these...

WHY? Because they Suck!

They Suck money of of your pocket day-in and day-out,

year-in, year-out for decades at an ever-increasing rate.

Not to use fancy Fenestration terms but in the industry

they're known as 'Craaap'! And for good reason.

(NB: They are the #1 seller in North America thanks to you,

the consumer who doesn't demand more)


Second, it's the Style (see also above).

As in, European-style Tilt & Turn Windows.

                         Again in Europe - besides TRIPLE-glazed windows - the other common

denominator in windows is the Tilt & Turn or TNT.

Green Window & Door,

First in Quality, First in Service

Serving St. Marys, Stratford & SWO


                                   My name is JIm Butler and I'm the Founder of Green Window & Door Inc.                                                .                       I've lived in the Stratford-St. Marys Area for 14 years.                                                                           My passion for WINDOWS was lit in 2013 and it dovetails with an                                                                                enthusiasm for building Green & Healthy Homes since 1993.                                                                        

         I hope and expect Green Window & Door will become a force

for change in the window industry. The days of the Tin Man slam-dunking sales

should be a thing of the past. We have the internet to Compare. 

We have the internet to Complain.

But Beware of Bogus Reviews

Today - they are rampant and one hopes the courts

will right this systemic fraud before long.

Ultimately, your satisfaction is my responsibility.

And I'm doing everything in my power to increase Choices,

Improve Quality and Provide Better Service.

It's another great day for Windows (& Doors)!

Jim Butler - President





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